With 15+ years as a Technical Support Specialist & Network Administrator, I have gained invaluable expertise in heterogeneous, mission-critical Windows, Novell and UNIX environments such as the Internal Revenue Service and the USA Department of Defense.


My broad technical background and project management skills have been major contributors to the career success I've enjoyed during these years. Noteworthy results include:


           Functioned as principal support engineer, manager & liaison for a $MM Windows-based processing system used by the Internal Revenue Service. Led team of 5 in seamlessly upgrading hardware/software on 2300 workstations and 60 Window Servers in just 5 days.

            Effectively trained end-users (some with sight and hearing disabilities) on using corporate applications, e-mail, the Web and avoiding PC security problems.

          As Lead Technician at Advanta Corp., maintained smooth daily operations of a heterogeneous network of Windows NT, Novell and UNIX.

         Supplied complete Level 2&3 software/hardware support to over 1200 users in a Windows/Novell environment at U.S. General Service Administration, including European field offices and a seeing-impaired unit.

          Acquired multiple Certifications: MCSE, MCP+Internet, MCDST, TCP/IP and IIS 4. and in IT Project Management.

      Asked by  a Network News Cast to provide on air advise the link to that video can be found at this URL:


Experience has taught me that technical skill alone cannot guarantee success.  I can also offer your firm qualities of ingenuity, confidence, commitment, flexibility, dedication to excellence and the critical ability to work productively with others in challenging situations.